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Samsung mocks Apple for adding the 120Hz refresh rate display so late

Despite Apple’s latest iPhone 13 bringing out better updates, Samsung still found ways to mock the Cupertino-based tech giant...

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Sep 16 · >

Samsung starts deleting ads mocking Apple for not including a charger before Galaxy S21 release

You might have seen the way Samsung mocked Apple when it released the iPhone 12 for not including a...

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Dec 28 · >

Samsung mocks Apple for not providing a charger with the new iPhone 12

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 12 yesterday in Apple Park. We got to see some amazing insights into...

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Oct 15 · >

Huawei is mocking Samsung and Apple in this new marketing scheme for P20

Huawei is releasing its flagship smartphone Huawei P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite next week and since Huawei has...

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Mar 23 · >

Samsung mocks Apple users to grow up and upgrade to Galaxy

After the official release of the iPhone X on Friday, Samsung is out today with a new ad for...

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Nov 6 · >

Apple fined $19M for not including charging adapters with iPhones

A civil court in Sao Paulo ordered Apple to pay a fine of $19 million for selling iPhones without...

Oct 17 · >

Samsung Mocks iPhone Cameras In A Video

When it comes to hard-hitting advertisements companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple have had a long history. However, Samsung...

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May 25 · >

Now You Can ‘Use’ Android On Your iPhone Through Samsung’s New App Called ‘iTest’

Samsung has recently launched a web app called ‘iTest’ which allows iPhone users to experience the ‘Samsung Galaxy vibe’....

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Apr 12 · >

Here are all the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Samsung announced their latest flagship devices yesterday. The Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra were...

Jan 15 · >

Samsung has more than 10 times greater market share than Apple in Pakistan

While globally Apple is the third largest smartphone maker, Pakistan is a different story. To give you a better...

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Feb 19 · >

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite’s battery capacity leaked ahead of official launch

As we are heading closer to the official launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10, the leaks and rumours mill...

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Jan 5 · >

No, Apple, a “cheaper” iPhone X won’t do you good

This is an opinion piece and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of TechJuice. Mac Otakara, which is well known...

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Jun 20 · >

Samsung’s new ad pokes fun at Apple’s battery issues

Samsung has once again trolled iPhone users in its recent Galaxy S9/S9+ ad over Apple’s older iPhones’ performance throttling...

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May 18 · >

Samsung patents a smartphone with a notch and in-display fingerprint scanner

No need to scream guys, it’s just a patent, and so far we can hope that Samsung will not...

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Apr 17 · >

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users facing display issues already

Samsung unveiled its flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at MWC in Barcelona. Reports are coming in that the...

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Mar 22 · >

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Is the S9 worth it?

Samsung unveiled the successor to the S8 in a glorious event yesterday. As expected, Samsung boasted how it has...

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Feb 26 · >

Samsung mocks iPhone X notch and Face ID at Galaxy S9 launch event

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are here, not quite here in my pocket precisely, but obviously in pockets...

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Feb 26 · >

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4’s specs leaked ahead of launch at MWC

No, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are not the only “Galaxies” Samsung will be unlocking at MWC. The...

Feb 19 · >

Motorola trolls Samsung in its new epic commercial

Samsung and Apple are widely known as the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. Both of the manufacturers leave...

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Nov 24 · >

Samsung bribes iPhone users to try Galaxy S8 and Note 8 for a month in $45

Samsung is not going to let it go easily. The South Korean electronics giant has again stepped forward with...

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Nov 21 · >

Apple mocks laptop users in its new ad to get iPads

Recently, Samsung trolled Apple in an ad where they suggested iPhone users to ‘upgrade to the galaxy’ and then...

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Nov 17 · >

Microsoft’s CEO mocks iPad users ‘get a real computer’

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadela recently visited India and while seeing two journalists using iPad, he cheerily recommended them to...

Nov 13 · >

Apple wins $120 million from Samsung in slide-to-unlock patent lawsuit

After years of battle in the courts, Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung and will get $120 million...

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Nov 7 · >

Samsung might have just revealed the Note 8

Samsung‘s upcoming flagship the Note 8 might have just accidentally appeared on the company’s twitter handle. After the Note...

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Jul 14 · >