Facebook deleted seven million posts on its platform regarding fake coronavirus information

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Facebook’s latest feature can let people bulk delete the old posts

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Facebook’s major feature helps users to view and delete the third parties app data collection

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How to delete your imported contacts from Facebook’s cache

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Facebook deleted 1.5M videos of New Zealand terror attack in the first 24 hours

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Facebook deletes and then restores US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ads

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Facebook deletes 583 million fake accounts

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Shocking: Over 9% Facebook users have already deleted their accounts, survey

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Facebook even kept the videos that you deleted, report

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Elon Musk deletes Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages

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Google searches spike for ‘delete Facebook’

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Facebook can delete you from the internet

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How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account

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WhatsApp cofounder says #DeleteFacebook

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Facebook Hate Speech

Facebook to delete over 66K hate speech posts every week

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I deleted my Facebook app, here’s why you should do the same

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Google has removed 25 malicious apps involved in stealth of Facebook credentials of users

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Twitter deletes over 170k pro-China accounts spreading propaganda

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Facebook takes a firm action against misleading content about Coronavirus posted on its platform

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It’s Time to Delete All Other Apps from Your Phone!

Sajeel Syed • August 8, 2019
Verify Vehicle Ownership

CPO directs traffic wardens in Rawalpindi to delete games from mobile phones

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5 key takeaways from this year’s Facebook developer conference

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