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Sony Unveils DualSense Edge Wireless Controller to rival Xbox Elite

Sony has quietly confirmed that it will release its version of a “pro” controller for the PS5, named the...

Aug 24 · >

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Set To Arrive Soon In 2021

Since the debut of the Xbox Series X, it has always been thought of it as a fridge by...

Jun 15 · >

AMD Upgrades Xbox Consoles With FidelityFX Technology, Countering PlayStation?

In recent news, the Xbox Series X just got a massive graphics upgrade through AMD’s ‘FidelityFX’ technology which will...

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Apr 23 · >

Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are down

As of now, numerous Microsoft services including Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are experiencing outages for multiple users. According...

Apr 2 · >

Xbox Live is now Xbox Network, says Microsoft

Microsoft is rebranding its ever-famous online gaming service Xbox Live to Xbox Network. The new branding started appearing on...

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Mar 24 · >

Microsoft set to bring its Xbox Auto HDR feature to Windows and more

Microsoft is planning to add HDR support to over 1,000 PC games. This Auto HDR feature on Windows 10...

Mar 20 · >

Microsoft’s recent cloud outage affects Teams, Azure and Xbox Live

In recent news, numerous Microsoft products which are dependent on cloud infrastructure are currently facing issues. This is said...

Mar 16 · >

Retailers are facing a shortage of PS5, Xbox Series X consoles

A surge in demand for electronics as more people stay home due to the coronavirus has led to shortages...

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Mar 9 · >

Here’s a list of all the upcoming games for both PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021

With only two months of the release of the next-gen gaming consoles, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series...

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Feb 26 · >

Microsoft’s Xbox Live service goes down for more than five hours globally

Recently, Microsoft’s famous online gaming service Xbox Live goes down for more than five hours. This outage in the...

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Feb 26 · >

We are “working as hard as we can” to meet demand for Xbox Series X/S: VP Gaming at Microsoft

In a recent interview, Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer revealed that the Xbox division is working...

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Jan 6 · >

Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5, but the PS5 still delivers better performance. Here’s why.

Microsoft has made no secret of the Xbox Series X’s insanely good performance in the build-up to the console’s...

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Nov 26 · >

AV receivers for PS5 and Xbox Series X reportedly hit by major HDMI bug

As our video game industry continues to be blessed with upgrades like 4K resolution at 120Hz, variable refresh rates,...

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Oct 25 · >

Xbox Series S revealed with a $299 price tag

Mere hours after being leaked worldwide, the intriguing Xbox Series S has officially been confirmed by Microsoft. The company...

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Sep 8 · >

Xbox and PlayStation networks temporarily adjusted as Online Gaming platforms experience record-level traffic

As the whole world is forced into quarantine and people are confined to their houses, the virtual world of...

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Mar 26 · >

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox will come with 8K graphics, SSD storage and ray-tracing

As per the details revealed by Microsoft on Sunday, the next generation of Xbox will come with ultra-powerful specs...

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Jun 10 · >

Xbox One is finally adding Mouse and Keyboard functionality

Microsoft has slowly started rolling out the functionality for linking keyboard and mouse with some of the games on...

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Nov 19 · >

Xbox One rumored to come with support for third-party digital assistants

For the past few months, various reports have been coming in of Microsoft trying to patch together the Xbox...

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Jun 4 · >

Microsoft unveils its innovative Xbox controller for gamers with disabilities

Microsoft has recently showcased its new Xbox controller with customizable features for disabled gamers. The company’s new Xbox Adaptive...

May 17 · >

Microsoft rewards Xbox One X to a kid who helped homeless people

Microsoft has always been known for appreciating philanthropic deeds as its co-founder Bill Gates is famous for giving a...

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Dec 18 · >

Microsoft kills Kinect for Xbox One and Windows

Microsoft has decided to end production of its motion control camera sensor Kinect for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and...

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Oct 26 · >

Call of Duty: WW2 requires double the amount of storage space on PS4 than Xbox One

Call of Duty WW2 is just a couple of weeks away from launch. The game will bring World War...

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Oct 24 · >

This limited edition Xbox One S for Chainsmokers looks absolutely gorgeous

Microsoft and DJ duo Chainsmokers have announced a limited edition Xbox One S which will be given to one...

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Sep 11 · >

RIP Xbox One: Microsoft kills the console

After more than 3 years of service, Microsoft has finally discontinued selling its gaming console Xbox One. Following the...

Aug 26 · >