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Leaked Images Of the Flagship Phone Google Pixel 7a Showing New Design

New images have appeared of the Pixel 7a, but this time, we’re getting actual pictures of the device instead...

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May 1 · >

Google confirms Pixel 4 design and a weird dual rear camera setup

You thought only Apple’s upcoming iPhones will look ugly, well, look again. The tech giant Google is also hopping...

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Jul 4 · >

Google Pixel 3 may feature the best design & great specs in high price

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were certainly some of the best flagships we have seen. Great specs,...

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May 22 · >

Google Pixel Fold Review: Unlock The Gap

The pixel fold is a powerful, user-friendly device that gives the pleasure of using it with complete confidence. The...

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Jun 27 · >

Google Pixel Phone Could Possibly Be Used as Dashcams Soon

Planned to be placed under the ‘Personal Safety’ app, the dashcam feature is offered by other Android competitors such...

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May 19 · >

Google Announces Pixel Fold: But Its Price Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Apart from the Google Pixel Fold, Google also unveiled a budget friendly Pixel 7a and new Pixel Tablet at...

May 11 · >

Google Announced The Launch Of Pixel Fold

Google has entered the mobile phone market and first time launched its foldable phone. Further details will be announced...

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May 6 · >

Google Pixel 7 Predicted Price Tends To Give Competition To iPhone 14

Undoubtedly, we are nearly heading towards the Launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, so we got...

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Sep 23 · >

If you like Google Pixel 6a, you would adore these Alternative Phones

Google Pixel 6a was fully available to be bought from stores just a few days ago. But surprisingly, Google...

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Aug 1 · >

Google officially releases Android 10 for Pixel phones

The curiosity of Android users is finally over as the Android 10 is out in the market but for...

Sep 5 · >

Leaked images of Google Pixel 4 give us our first close-up look

Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone appears to be its most alluring one yet. While we have already caught a glimpse...

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Aug 28 · >

Google Pixel 4 XL renders reveal triple rear cameras and dual selfie cameras

You thought Google will rely on its artificial intelligence algorithms and other software tweaks to maintain its camera standards...

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Aug 6 · >

Google confirms Pixel 4 will have touch-free gesture controls and face unlock features

The tech behemoth Google has once again started confirming the hypothetical rumors of the upcoming phones. Google has recently...

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Jul 30 · >

Google Pixel 4 leak suggests that we might be getting gesture control

Having already been revealed by Google in some measure, the upcoming Pixel 4 is clearly all set to spring...

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Jul 22 · >

New Google Pixel leak shows a grid camera setup

This year’s Google Pixel smartphone is still a few months away from launch but we already have some leaked...

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Jun 12 · >

Google Pixel 4 renders just leaked, and it looks like a copy of iPhone 11

Google recently launched its two new Pixel 3a and 3a XL flagship smartphones earlier this year and is now...

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Jun 11 · >

This Google feature is causing some Pixel devices to slow down

Google made a big deal out of its Digital Wellbeing back in Google I/O 2018, which was accepted with...

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May 13 · >

Google Pixel 3a is more repairable than most Pixel phones, reveals iFixit teardown

Google on Tuesday during Google I/O 2019 announced its latest budget Pixel devices and unlike previous Pixel launches, this...

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May 10 · >

5 reasons why Google Pixel 3a is the most revolutionary budget phone of 2019

Every year smartphones introduce new and more exciting features. From uninspiring air gestures to crowd turners like punch through...

May 8 · >

New Price leak suggests Google Pixel 3a will cost just $399

After disappointing sales of the ultra-expensive Pixel 3 models, Google is now shifting its gears towards the launch of...

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May 2 · >

Google accidentally revealed its mid-range Pixel 3a smartphone

Google has accidentally revealed its upcoming mid-range smartphone the “Pixel 3a” on its site last week. 9t05Google first spotted...

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Apr 8 · >

Huawei P30 Pro specs, features and design revealed in a new leak

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are set to land on March 26 in Paris, France. But various leaks and...

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Mar 15 · >

Google searching for Vice President of Wearables hinting at a Pixel Watch release

Google has released its 2018 revenue figures which showed that the search giant’s primary revenue source is ads but it...

Feb 11 · >

Google Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ leaks in extensive hands-on video

It’s like this is a Google tradition now; yet another Pixel smartphone has been leaked in a video months...

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Jan 18 · >