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Why the American Ban of Chinese Tech Didn’t Survive

The Trump government announced in 2019 that Chinese tech products threaten American civilians’ national security and privacy. They reported...

Aug 6 · >

Huawei secured 5th Rank in U.S. Patents in Sign of Chinese Growth

Huawei is continuing to move up the list of companies getting the most U.S. patents, according to a new...

Jan 12 · >

Pakistan set to utilize Chinese technology to boost organic peach growing in the country

According to a report by the China Economic Net (CEN), Beijing mode is set to boost the organic peach...

Nov 25 · >

Chinese tech company developing state-of-the-art booking system for Pakistan Railways

In recent news, Pakistan Railways has officially signed a deal with a Chinese technology company in order to implement...

Nov 17 · >

Pakistan Railways sign agreement with Chinese firm for AI-based project

In what is potentially a massively productive step for Pakistan Railways, the institution on Thursday signed an agreement with...

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Nov 12 · >

Chinese businesses are creating large number of employment opportunities in Pakistan: expert

Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are creating quite a lot of employment opportunities in Pakistan and thereby contributing...

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Oct 25 · >

Pakistani national flag makes a historic return from Chinese space mission

A Pakistani national flag that was carried into space aboard the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft back in June of this year...

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Sep 29 · >

Chinese companies to invest $15 billion in Pakistan: Secretary BOI

According to Federal Secretary Board of Investment Fareena Mazhar, Chinese businesses are all set to invest a grand sum...

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Sep 21 · >

Pakistan has promising digital future: Chinese expert

According to a prominent Chinese authority, Pakistan possesses a promising digital future and it is an emerging digital economy...

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Sep 17 · >

Chinese battery maker set to produce cobalt-free power pack for Electric Vehicles

In order to address climate change and ensure that the environment does not face degradation, numerous companies are shifting...

Aug 31 · >

Chinese high-yield intercropping technology completes sowing, accelerating Pakistan’s agriculture

In recent news, the autumn sowing of maize and soybeans was completed by the respective intercropping technology. This was...

Aug 31 · >

Chinese technology set to boost rice production in Pakistan

In recent news, the rice production in Pakistan is set to receive a notable boost from the startup of...

Aug 27 · >

China’s rocket that fell was the third instance of Chinese space junk crashing in recent years

The 23-ton core stage of a Long March 5B booster crashed back to Earth Saturday night (May 8), concluding...

May 11 · >

Pakistan encourages Chinese companies to provide high-quality products

A workshop on “Hi-Tech Enterprises & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Software” was held online to promote Sino-Pak...

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Apr 16 · >

End malpractices in 30 days or suffer the same fate as Alibaba, Chinese companies warned

China’s tech companies have been given a month to fix anti-competitive practices and publicly pledge to follow the rules...

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Apr 14 · >

Chinese crackdown triggered by Jack Ma’s insulting comments wipes $250 billion off Alibaba’s valuation

China’s record antitrust fine of $2.8 billion on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is the latest in a series of actions...

Apr 13 · >

Facebook employees alarmed by Facebook’s approval of Chinese ads portraying Uyghurs as thriving in Xinjiang

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook staffers have reportedly been growing concerned that the platform...

Apr 5 · >

Facebook caught a Chinese hacker group targeting Uyghur communities

In recent news, Facebook disclosed that a group of Chinese hackers used their social media platform in order to...

Mar 25 · >

Chinese companies aim to take on Apple with more affordable and high performance phones

In recent news, low-cost Chinese smartphones are currently taking advantage of the current 5G technology is said to counter...

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Mar 22 · >

US advised not to criticize Russian & Chinese cyberattacks given its history of doing the same

Revelations that the US has been the target of two significant hacking campaigns by Russia and China just weeks...

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Mar 17 · >

Alibaba’s browser deleted from Chinese app stores

Alibaba’s internet browser has been removed from several app stores in China as its feud with the Chinese government...

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Mar 16 · >

Chinese firm to establish electric vehicle plant in Punjab

The Board of Investment (BOI) has decided to facilitate the entry of China’s largest automobile manufacturer in Pakistan and...

Mar 15 · >

Microsoft’s troubles continue; Chinese hacks doubling every two hours

Since the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities have still not been fixed, the Chinese hackers are taking advantage of the slowness...

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Mar 12 · >

Chinese based hackers hack more than 60,000 Microsoft Exchange Servers

In recent news, a Chinese-based hacker group known as Hafnium doubled its hack count of Microsoft’s Exchange Servers up...

Mar 9 · >