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WhatsApp Android Might Soon Get New Interface With White Top Bar

Apart from a white top bar, design tweaks in the WhatsApp Android Beta suggest that the official app might...

Sep 1 · >

Google Developing New Android Feature That Auto Enables ‘Airplane Mode’ During Flights

The patented feature, reportedly named as ‘connected flight mode’, will also switch mobile devices back to normal mode once...

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Jul 12 · >

The Two Popular Android Apps Are Sending Data To China

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly, and it has targeted almost every field and every sector. Researchers have found that the...

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Jul 12 · >

Voice Chat With ChatGPT On Android Phones: Here’s How

Isn’t it exciting that now you can do voice chat with ChatGPT on Android phones? Now it will save...

May 9 · >

WhatsApp’s Exclusive Feature For iOS Users:Not For The Android Users

WhatsApp releases a new feature for its iOS users. Typically, WhatsApp launches feature that suit both the users Android...

May 1 · >

The 5 Best ChatGPT Apps For Android Users

Since the launch of chatGPT, it has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT is a creation of OpenAI, and...

Apr 11 · >

Microsoft Launches AI Chatbot To Bing App On iPhone And Android

On Wednesday, Microsoft made a significant announcement of launching its new Bing and Edge mobile apps  The app includes...

Feb 23 · >

Many Android Phones Will Soon Get Satellite Connectivity

This satellite connectivity will allow Android Smartphone users to send and receive basic text messages in an emergency ‘Qualcomm’,...

Jan 9 · >

Google Fined $162M By India over Favoring its own Apps on Android

India’s competition commission fined Google $161.9 million on Thursday for anti-competitive actions relating to Android mobile devices in “various...

Oct 21 · >

Don’t Switch your Android to an iPhone! Here are 5 Reasons

With the recent announcement of the iPhone 14, now is an excellent time to assess if switching from Android...

Sep 12 · >

Twitter is testing the WhatsApp share icon on tweets for India’s Android Users

In India, Twitter is experimenting with a new method of sharing tweets by putting a WhatsApp button under the...

Sep 9 · >

What Is Google TV? Is It A Replacement For Android TV, And What Are Its Perks?

The world came to know about Google TV back in 2020. While in 2021, also Google made some announcements...

Aug 22 · >

7 Must Have Android Apps For Couples – 2022

Software’s and applications have made our lives better in a whole lot ways, while we continue to use apps...

Aug 3 · >

How to speed up Google Chrome on your Android phone

Despite your Android phone having the latest specs, there is always a chance your browsing performance on Chrome may...

Jan 17 · >

realme is the Fastest Growing 5G Android Smartphone Brand with a Growth Rate of 831%

realme, the world’s fifth-largest Android smartphone maker, has continued its strong growth momentum in 5G smartphones. According to the...

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Dec 31 · >

How to transfer your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to Android

If you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android then most probably you have come around with the problem...

Oct 29 · >

WhatsApp chat transfer from iOS to Android is finally here

Since August 2021, WhatsApp has been working on new features which include chat transfer from iOS to Android which...

Sep 6 · >

Users Can Now Transfer WhatsApp Chats Between Android And iOS

In recent news, WhatsApp has finally announced one of its most demanded features i.e. the ability to transfer chats...

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Aug 13 · >

Google Is Developing A ‘Switch To Android’ App For iPhone Users

Remember when it was so hard to shift from iPhone to Android especially when moving your entire personal data....

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Jul 29 · >

Google Removes Android Apps That Stole Facebook Passwords

Google is officially removing Android applications that have committed major privacy violations. As of now, the tech giant has...

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Jul 6 · >

Google Is Bringing COVID Vaccine Cards To Android

Google is officially introducing a new feature into Android which will allow users to store digital COVID vaccine cards....

Jul 2 · >

The Joker Malware Returns To Steal Data, Android Users Better Watch Out

In recent news, the once infamous malware known as the Joker Malware has returned to haunt Android applications yet...

Jun 22 · >

Android 12 Beta Is Officially The Most Downloaded Beta In History

In recent news, Android 12 Beta has been declared as the most downloaded/installed beta ever, according to Dave Burke...

Jun 14 · >

Here’s How You Can Install Android 12 Beta

Google had recently announced that Android 12 will have a completely new UI with new features and prominent security...

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May 20 · >